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Moje jméno je Základní škola Táborská.

Jsem fakultní školou Pedagogické fakulty UK v Praze.
Patřím do sítě škol, které podporují zdraví.
Najdete mě na adrese Táborská 45, Praha 4 Nusle, 140 00.

tel: 241 029 320
fax: 241 029 336
web: www.zstaborska.cz
e-mail: skola@zstaborska.cz, reditel@zstaborska.cz
Zřizovatel školy: MČ Praha

Táborská elementary school

- we consist of a primary and secondary school (both in one building)
- age of children: 7 - 16
- number of pupils: about 450
- number of teachers: 40
- our headmaster: PhDr. Bc. František Prokop
- we are a faculty school of Charles University

ZŠ Táborská in Prague is an elementary school educating pupils aged 7 - 16. The school is situated near the centre of Prague, 15 minutes walking distance from Vysehrad castle. Our school has a long tradition. It is 108 years old and is a faculty school of Charles University. We are one of the pilot schools who were responsible for developping the new educational programme for schools in the Czech Republic. We teach English, German and French at our school and have long tradition in pupil’s exchange – we have, among other things, two German partners on long-term basis. Since September 2013 we have been involved in a project called "eMotion pictures", which is a two-year Comenius project financed by Lifelong Learning Programme. The pupils are learning how to create films and are, of course, improving their language skills via socializing and communicating with our partners from Italy, Turkey and Poland. Our school is the main coordinator of this project. Apart from this, we actively take part in eTwinning projects and have already gained three Quality Label Certificates.

Here is our photogallery.