Co o nás nevíte ANGLICKY

Let me introduce the Primary school Táborská. It had been founded a 100 years ago and it is located in Prague – the capital of the Czech republic, near the centre, in a quiet part of the city, called Nusle.
Nowadays there are about 30 teachers and 480 pupils.

However the school building is an old one, it is equipped very well. The most popular classrooms are computer rooms with free access for the pupils. We have our own school theatre in the attic where (among others) the school balls take place every year for the school graduates and their parents.

The Táborská Primary is one of „the pilot schools“, forming the new curriculum for the basic educational level. This is a long-termed project of the Ministry of Education, which modifies a very traditional system Czech school system to the 21st century needs and demands.

We also cooperate with the Pedagogic Faculties in Prague and Pardubice and as their partner we are allowed to use the attribute „Faculty“ in the school title.

The school is very famous for a great number of after-school activities. Our pupils, as well as other children, can choose from more than 50 clubs – from pottery workshops and Art lessons to sports and games clubs.

Our strategy is to become a place, where people – not just our pupils – like to learn, to stay, to meet. We organize various postgraduate and refresher courses and seminars for teachers, as well as the summer and winter camps for children. There are also the all-day programmes, opened for the public ( e.g. The Vietnamese day, the Childrens‘day).

Of course, we are involved in various international projects as a Socrates school project (with Germany, Ireland and Polland). As we believe that any kind of international cooperation has a strong motivation effect for ELT, we are trying to get still more contacts with the primary schools from all over the European Union.